At A. Christodoulou with our experience and in collaboration with interior and exterior designers, architects and electricians as well as workshop security system installations, we are able to provide a set of products and services that perfectly meet the requirements of our customers.


In our store you will find collections of modern, classic lighting fixtures, sconces, ceiling lights, all kinds of indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures with high standard led technology as well as electrical material with guaranteed safety products that meet all European standards and regulations.


Our staff is ready to provide smart solutions and ideas so that together we can create the right atmosphere, aesthetics and functionality for your space with low consumption, saving energy and money!

With partners in all cities of Cyprus we managed to establish ourselves in the field of retail and wholesale of electrical equipment and led technology (light-emitting diode) equipping with them houses, cafes, restaurants, bars, clothing and jewelry stores as well as garage cars and many more.


With a friendly disposition and interest in the customer in A. Christodoulou, we are ready to give the appropriate advice and products so that we can cover all needs in lighting and electrical equipment (sockets, switches, cables, etc.).


Free study in your space for conversion of existing lighting to LED!



light design
Perfect designs
Change to the style that suits you
low maintain
Low maintenance
Change for reliability
money safe
Cost saving
Change for lower bills
Energy saving
Change for efficiency
long lasting
Long lasting
Change for peace of mind
eco freindly
Change for a green future


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